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Talk: Tudor Propaganda: Early Modern 'Fake News'? With Dr Rebecca Emmett, Lecturer in History and Archival Practice, University of Plymouth

A Historical Association & University of Plymouth History department talk 


Fake news is not a modern invention. The Tudor regime deliberately and carefully projected a specific version of people and events to the public, to bolster and secure itself. Unflattering or unhelpful publications or images were ruthlessly suppressed and their creators suffered for their presumption. This talk from Dr Rebecca Emmett will focus on the reign of Elizabeth I and explore how the regime disseminated propaganda and repressed dissenting voices. 


Rebecca is a historian of the 16th and 17th Centuries, specialising in the history of the book, Anglo-Scottish history, and the history of monarchy. Early fascination with the Elizabethan succession question led her to explore Anglo-Scottish succession literature, and led to an interest in why certain types of books are published. Rebecca teaches Tudor History and is Programme Leader for the MA Archival Practice programme. She is currently working on a book on Robert Waldegrave. 


Tue 01-12-20 @ 19:00