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Hadza ogresses, mountains, trees and giants With Dr. Camilla Power

For the Hadza hunter-gatherers of the Tanzanian Rift Valley, some of the scariest, most powerful figures in story are cannibalistic ogresses – older women who are rapacious for meat. Taking various, gender ambiguous guises, these ‘monster mothers-in-law’ may try to eat their would-be sons-in-law, and generally aim to thwart men having sex. They are implicated in the first fire, the first sex, and the first epeme feast of sacred meat, as well as control of night and day.  

In this fascinating talk Camilla Power will explore these stories and their links to the Hadza landscape of ‘god’ mountains, baobab trees and the mythic formation of the Lake Eyasi Basin. 

Dr. Camilla Power is a feminist activist and founding member of the Radical Anthropology Group at University College London. Trained under Leslie Aiello at UCL, her research is focused on human evolution and the emergence of symbolic culture. Her 'Female Cosmetic Coalitions' (FCC) theory of the origins of art and culture has been widely acclaimed. 

Suitable for ages 15+ 

Date: Tuesday 7 December 2021 
Time19:00 - 20:30 
Free to access online
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