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ATLANTIC PROJECT | Black Atlantis: Retrograde Futurism

ATLANTIC PROJECT |  Black Atlantis: Retrograde Futurism

Council Chamber

18.30—20.00 Friday 5 October


Tickets: £3


On April 29, 2006, a twenty-foot boat was spotted off the south-eastern coast of Barbados. On board, eleven bodies were found by the coastguards, preserved and desiccated by the sun and salt water. The ghost ship was adrift for four months on the Atlantic Ocean. It set sail on Christmas day in Praia in the Cape Verde Islands, full of migrants from Senegal, Guinea Bissau, and Gambia, en route to the Canary Islands. Each of these men paid £890 for their place on the boat. Four months later the boat was found on the coast of Barbados.


In a telling of this story, Ayesha Hameed draws on the materials and tools at hand to make sense of the complicity of weather, ocean currents and state violence in the journey of this ship. Crossing over film and essay form, Hameed questions and investigates a wide spectrum of themes, including the both measurable and immeasurable horror contained in the figure of the ghost ship.


Presented in collaboration with the School of Art, Design & Architecture at University of Plymouth.